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    B-231, Logix Technova, Sector-93A Noida

    Electronic Security & Surveillance Solutions

    Time Attendance Systems / Payroll Management Software:

    These systems track and record employee attendance and help manage payroll by automating attendance data.

    Access Control Systems (Card/Biometric/Face/Iris):

    Access control systems regulate entry to buildings or specific areas using various methods like cards, biometrics, or facial recognition.

    Visitor Management System:

    This system helps manage and track visitors entering a facility, enhancing security and efficiency.

    CCTV Surveillance System (Analog/IP-Based/Fiber Optic/Wireless):

    CCTV systems use cameras to monitor and record activities in and around a facility for security and surveillance purposes.

    Fire Detection and Suppression System (FM200/CO2/NOVEC1230):

    These systems detect and suppress fires using various agents like FM200, CO2, or NOVEC1230 to protect assets and occupants.

    VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) systems provide early detection of smoke and fire in critical environments.

    Water Leak Detection System:

    Detects and alerts to water leaks in facilities to prevent water damage.

    Intruder Alarm Systems (Wired/Wireless):

    These systems sound alarms and notify authorities in case of unauthorized access or break-ins.

    Tripods/Turnstile/Boom Barrier/Flap Barrier/Bollards/Road Blocker:

    These are physical access control barriers used to manage the flow of people and vehicles.

    Parking Management System / Toll Collection Management:

    Systems for managing parking lots and collecting tolls efficiently and securely.

    Gate/Shutter Automation:

    Automates gates and shutters for ease of access control and security.

    Power Fencing:

    Electric fencing is a security system that delivers an electric shock to intruders attempting to climb or cut the fence.

    Metal Detectors (HHMD/DFMD):

    Handheld and doorframe metal detectors are used for security screening to detect concealed weapons and metal objects.

    X-Ray Baggage Scanner:

    These scanners are used at security checkpoints to scan baggage and identify concealed items.

    CCTV Surveillance System (Analog/IP-Based/Fiber Optic/Wireless) And Fire Detection Systems